Fuck Yeah, Scout Taylor Compton!

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Anonymous asked: What pets does Scout have and what are their names?

She has two cats, one of them is named “Copper”, and I can’t remember the other one’s name at the moment. She also has a dog named “Kodiak”. Lauren also lives with Scout and she has a cat named “Frankenstein”…who Scout probably named haha.

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Anonymous asked: whats the deal with halloween 3?

Well I don’t know much about it yet, all I know is that she signed on for it :)

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Anonymous asked: I know it's an odd question but: is scout a virgin?

I don’t know, but probably not. Her and Andy were together for a very long time…..

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Anonymous asked: What kind of music does Scout like? and what's her blood-line? I know she's hispanic/latino with caucasian/white but what kind of hispanic and what kind of caucasian?

Not sure about the Caucasian part of her. Everything on her just says “American”, and I’ve never heard or seen her say anything otherwise. She is half Mexican (from her mom’s side).

As far as music goes I’m not sure on many specific artists/bands, but she seems to like everything from indie/alternative to rock and roll. I only know this because she tweets a lot of songs lyrics and music videos from all different genres. So if you have twitter just keep on the lookout for those kinds of tweets.

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Anonymous asked: Where can I get a plaid dress like what she's selling? I'm a medium thanks to my bust lol so her small wouldn't fit me

The purple one? I’m not sure where hers is from exactly, but you can probably check somewhere like Forever 21 online. Shopstyle.com is really helpful where it comes to searching for something but not knowing where to look. Just type in what you’re looking for in the search (ex: plaid dress) and it pulls items up from all different sites.

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Anonymous asked: I notice that scout changed lately, does it has to do anything about her last brake up with him?

Hmm changed like how? I think she and Andy have been talking again though.

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Anonymous asked: Where does Scout shop? I ADORE her style.

I’m sure there are probably a lot of places she shops, but she has mentioned liking little places on Melrose in Hollywood, Wasteland, and Urban Outfitters.